"Irma", A Nasty Visitor

Hurricane Irma could have been more devastating, but it did manage to carve a trail of flooding, destruction and power outages through our park. "Irma" reached epic size and power as a Category 5 storm in the Caribbean, snaking up the west coast of Florida before taking a jog to the east putting Zephyrhills in its sights as a Category 2 hurricane.

Hurricane force winds whipped through Betmar most of Sunday night into Monday morning with more than seven inches of rain drenching our park as residents braved the storm in their homes or at one of our three emergency shelters, Clubhouse 2, Clubhouse 3 or Apache Clubhouse.

We dodged a bullet, even though we had some damage. Had the hurricane hugged the west coast.  Tampa, St. Pete, Z-Hills and Betmar would have been in the most damaging winds of "Irma".

About sixty Betmar residents took cover in the Chubhouse 3 emergency center, as "Irma" passed overhead early Monday morning. In fact, all these residents returned to their homes by 5:00 A.M. Monday morning, when the TV news reported that the worst of the hurricane had passed over Zephyrhills. It was still dark, but we were all "antsy" to go home.

Clubhouse 3 - Waiting for Irma




In the Monday morning daylight, damage was apparent.




Memorial Park






Sandra Ave.


A rubberized roof that is "no more".




A new "Island Home" on Powhattan St.



Betmar Creek flowing completely over the dam behind the swimming pool.


The "Kissing Bridge" withstood the high water.


View from the bridge.





The pond behind Clubhouse 3.


Looking towards the Apache Trail walkway.



Looking from Lakewood Dr. and Jo St, at the sidewalk leading to the bridge and Clubhouse 2.



Lakewood Dr. behind the Betmar office.


Lakewood Dr. at intersection with Joyce St.


The second green on the White Course behind the "What Not Barn".




First tee on the White Course.


Approach to the "Gold Course".


Golf Course clubhouse.



Looking at the start of the "Blue Course".


First tee on the Blue Course.


Betmar Creek flowing under 8th Ave on its way to Zephyr Park.


There's no more "Dirt" to dish out, so that's all for now............"Dirt Meister" Jim 


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