Betmar Clubhouses will be open starting Friday evening for Betmar residents and staying open as needed for shelters.  Residents are asked to bring their own supplies - food, drink, blankets, bedding or whatever they need as nothing will be provided by Betmar.  

Apache is the clubhouse that residents can go to with their pets.

Florida law says insurers must authorize early prescription refills before Hurricane Irma.

It's been suggested to fill bathtubs, pails or buckets with water before the storm to use in the toilet if water service is lost.

BAD Carroll also wants people to know there are official shelters outside Betmar:

  • Raymond Stewart Middle School on 10th ave

  • New River Elementary. River Glen Blvd Wesley Chapel. Off 54

  • St Leo University. State Red 52 San Antonio


More Details on Betmar Hurricane Information:


CLUBHOUSE SUPERVISION Each Clubhouse has persons assigned to coordinate evacuation procedures and ensure compliance of this plan:

Clubhouse 2 - Tony Mastrogiacomo at 813.355.3489 or 508.577.2168 Harry Taylor at 813.782.3554

Clubhouse #3 - Jim Kolledge at 813.779.7131 or 563.516.2696 Joan Hines 813.395.8505 or 813.767.7706

ApacheClubhouse - Tony Pettola at 813.612.8145 or 813.713.1935 Ron Jones at 813.701.6802

These assigned supervisory persons shall determine when the clubhouse is full and there is inadequate room to accommodate more evacuees. This cannot be determined in advance due to varying space needs of the evacuees' These supervisory persons shall assist as needed to help make it as orderly as possible.

Fire regulations require that aisles and doorways be clear at all times. Do not block these areas with mattresses or chairs. Either a lounge chair or a mattress (not both) is allowed per person.

DAMAGE REPORTS Damage to homes or buildings in Betmar can be called in to a central point. call Jack Shay, Properties Chairman (469-4511 ). Richard Heon, President (469-4509) or the Betmar Office (782-0043) to report damage of homes or fallen trees or debris in the streets. The damage control team's priority is to keep.roads clear for emergency traffic along with attempting to lessen rain/wind damage to homes and facilities. Get address of home that has been damaged.

DOWNED POWER LINES are extremely dangerous and should be reported immediately to Duke Energy (1-800-228-8485). It is important to also notify Betmar damage control of downed power lines (Rich Heon or the Betmar Office).

PETS can be taken to Apache Clubhouse, Maple Leaf Room, during the evacuation. Pets must be in cages (not just on a leash) and the owners must remain in the Maple Leaf Room with their pets during the evacuation.

SIGN IN/SIGN OUT All persons residing in the Betmar Clubhouses must sign in when arriving and sign out if they leave during the storm. Keeping track of persons and their location is important. Sign-in registers will be at each clubhouse and will be maintained by the Clubhouse assistants.

RESIDENTS ONLY Only Betmar residents are allowed to evacuate to the Clubhouses during storms, There is not room nor do we have proper facilities to allow non-residents to use these clubhouses.

PARKING Safe parking during hurricanes is virtually non-existent at the clubhouses. Car-Pooling whenever possible is recommended. The clubhouses are surrounded by large trees and there is no guarantee they won't fall during the storm.

FOOD Bring non-perishable food items that do not require cooking. There are no kitchen facilities in Apache Clubhouse and neither Clubhouse 2 or 3 can support cooking by individuals. lce and a Microwave Oven are available in Clubhouse 2 and 3.

BETMAR PROPERTIES department is the focal point for damage control, Jack Shay (469-4511) is the Properties Chairman and is responsible for all damage control activities.

SECURITY (395-3010) The security team has a major role of keeping the scavengers and Storm-followers out of Betmar following the storm. Please, cooperate in any manner you can in making their function as successful as possible. Their role is vital and it can be dangerous for them as scavengers are typically NOT nice people!


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